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Welcome to Bridgefield farm

They say that one has to go to Italy in order to taste the best homemade ice cream, but this is no longer true, as Bridgefield Farm Homemade Ice Cream, has taken the time to create an ice cream that out shines any Italian ice cream with pure pleasure and taste.

Our delicious ice cream is a must have with its creamy texture and mouth watering flavours, that brings the warmth of happiness to everyone’s day no matter the weather.

Our family strives to make only the smoothest and creamiest of ice creams, together with using only the highest quality ingredients to ensure a top quality ice cream.

Using the milk from our own herd of dairy cows we mix up a traditional recipe.  Then we allow the ingredients come together to combine and create a beautiful smooth and textured ice cream base.  After that we go wild and add real fruit pieces, chocolate or chunks of honeycomb to make the flavours that you adore the most.  The result that we show case, is our wonderful homemade ice cream for all to see and taste, all you have to do is choose which one tantalizes your taste buds most. It’s as simple as that.

Then you will begin to love how it lingers in your mouth, all the while your taste buds are exploding with the intensity of the real flavours captured in a little piece of heaven, which is the Bridgefield Farm’s Homemade Ice Cream way.

Go on, try it today and see for yourself, you won’t regret it!

And yes, your allowed to have second helpings of Bridgefield Farm’s Homemade Ice Cream, we won’t tell if you don’t!!